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How to Capturing Screen to Video File from your desktop screen?

The Super Screen Recorder is your best choice. The screen to video recorder is a screen recording software that enables you to record any activity on your computer screen. Record screencasts with voiceover to make a video software guide, high quality videos for tutorials, demos and presentations. This software offers a solution to users who want to record screen activities on a pc screen and save them as demo-video files. Record screen to video is easily and quickly, Just some clicks, you can capture mouse movements and capture audio from a microphone or pc sound card. And you can save your training video to AVI or WMV files. Capture a wonderful video from your pc screen and share it with your friends on Facebook or YouTube right away.

The Capture Screen To Video Guide

Step 1: Download and Install the Screen Recorder

Download Screen Recorder - a capture screen to video software. After the download is finished, run the ssrsetup.exe file to install the program.

Step 2: Open the Software and open the Screen Record Tool

Launch the Screen Recorder and click the "Start" button on tools bar. The Screen Record Frame will show.

Step2: Open Screen Record Frame

Step 3: Adjust the Record Frame Size and fit to target window

Click the "Fit to" button to resizing the record frame, the record frame will auto adjust the size and fit size to target window.

Step 3: Adjust the Record Frame Size

Step 4: Click the "Record" button to start record screen to video

Click the "Record" button to start recording or press "F9" to start recording. The screen recorder will recording your mouse movement and audio to a video file.
If you want stop recording video, you can click the "Stop" button to stop recording or press "F11" to stop recording.
For example, you want to record a presentation video for "how to using yahoo".

Step 4: To Start Recording Video

Step 5: Watch Your Video File

After the video record process is stopped. Select the video from "File Manager", and click the "Open" button to watch your video file. And that’s all! So now you know how to quickly record screen to video use Zeallsoft Super Screen Recorder!

Step 5: Watch Your Video File

How to Recording Screen to Video From PC Desktop

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